Aug 11 and 12, 2018 @ 09 am - 06 pm

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Greetings & welcome

About the event

Dubai Careers Fair is a highly specialised event that enables organisations, recruiters and niche start-ups to connect and find the best brains in the industry. This powerful 2-day event provides a comprehensive platform for fresh and innovative ideas to break into the industry by connecting fresh graduates and professional with brands, recruiters, and hiring managers from UAE's leading corporates across 20+ industries.

Dubai Careers Fair offers exhibitors and organisations revolutionary benefits that provide proper brand and company awareness while providing an avenue to network with the best and brightest minds. Having partnered with large companies, the event attracts a diverse audience of job seekers and ambitious talents looking to apply their talents and meet organisations that are suited to their own goals. By providing such an atmosphere that is highly efficient and cost effective, it offers you a means to track the strength of your workforce while meeting potential employees with creative ideas.

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Benefits of Exhibiting in DCF

Exhibit at Dubai Career Fair is the best investment you will make this year
  • Opportunity

    This event gives you the opportunity to meet more than 1000 fresh graduates and industry professionals from Pakistan

  • Exposure

    Promote, expose and build awareness around your brand amongst competitors and job seekers.

  • Cost Efficient

    Meet prospects directly and eliminate the need for expensive recruitment agencies and consultants

  • Database

    Expand your Database of CVs that can be used in subsequent recruitments, replacement and hiring throughout the year

  • Free Brand Marketing

    Market your brand to a wider audience with our campaign across UAE and Pakistan

  • Meet candidates

    Face to face interaction with candidates that allows you to evaluate experiences and composure

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Aug 11 & 12, 2018 from 09am - 06pm

What we got

Event Schedule

Workshop & Interviews

1. Get Hired Using Linkedin learn how to use the world’s largest recruitment website to get hired in just 7 simple steps. A detailed course that shows you the right techniques.
2. How to write a killer CV If you’re wondering why you never get replies even after fine-tuning your applications, it’s because your CV gets lost in a sea of applications just like many others. Tired of being ignored? We will show you exactly what to do to make your CV stand out and how to make effective changes that gets you the job.
3. How to Find Your Dream Job Find out the mistakes that lots of job seekers make that prevents them from getting hired and learn exactly how to avoid them. You will learn useful tips and strategies that will help you power through an interview, avoid common mistakes and showcase your strengths to the recruiters.

Lunch and Prayer Break

Lunch will be served to all the attendees.

For Exhibitors

Frequent asked questions

Q. Why exhibit at Dubai Careers Fair, Karachi?

A. This event is being held for the first time in Karachi, Pakistan. It is aimed at empowering Pakistani professionals and provides the perfect avenue for your organisation to meet its hiring objectives by matching the skills of Pakistani job seekers to the needs of your business.

Dubai Careers Fair is providing a leading and highly publicised platform that attracts talented job seekers from all specialisations and by doing so, it provides a channel for you to meet directly with an ambitious, educated and driven audience looking to take up roles in your organisation. Whether you are in the private or public sector, this event is geared to ensure that you get fresh creators and innovators into your staff ranks.

Q.What are the benefits of exhibiting in Duai Careers Fair?

A.Exhibiting at Dubai Career Fair is the best investment you will make this year. Here's why:
- An opportunity to meet with more than 1000 fresh graduates and professionals from Pakistan
- You get to build brand awareness by networking with potential partners, competitors and job seekers
- An effective way of reducing overhead cost and employee turn-over by finding job seekers that are the right fit for you without using expensive recruitment agencies.
- Expand your database of CVs by building a record of eligible candidates that can be contacted during the year.
-Utilize our marketing plans and benefit from our Campaign across UAE and Pakistan

For Job Seekers

Frequent asked questions

Q.Why should I attend the Dubai Careers Fair?

A.Attending Dubai Career Fair is a proactive way of finding out the latest job opportunities in Dubai.
This event provides you with access to several exhibitors, brands, companies and corporate organisations and allows you to get answers to your questions while getting acquainted with the job market. The fair is focused on providing you with hands-on skills and industry knowledge that makes you a good fit for your desired career path.

Q.Why register in Dubai Careers Fair?

A.Get a chance to have your questions answered directly by the recruitment agencies based in Dubai.
Dubai Carers fair avails you the opportunity to get all of the information you need in one place. You get a chance to screen and compare offers, understand the latest employment trends by predicting the job market and learning what Dubai needs in the coming decades. You also get to learn how to plan your future trips to Dubai.

Q.Who visits Dubai Careers Fair, Karachi?

A.Dubai Career Fair is for everyone - students, fresh graduates, adults looking to get into new career paths and even employees in search of better opportunities.
It is an all-inclusive and once in a lifetime chance to participate in face to face interviews with top recruiters of Dubai, in Pakistan.

Q.How can I prepare myself for this job fair?

A.Take note of the exhibition dates, timings and location.
Endeavour to stay tuned for the latest updates on the list of exhibitors which will be made available on the website shortly.
Prepare a list of questions you may want to ask ahead of time.
Create and update your Resume.
Keep in mind that this event is also an opportunity to educate yourself and not just a place to submit CVs and find quick jobs. Be open-minded and willing to learn.

Q.What to do after the Dubai Careers Fair?

A.Follow up on any contacts or organisations you need to get in touch with for more information or to send your application to.
Endeavour to make networks, connections and keep in touch with new acquaintances in order to make future decisions and plans.

Q.What happens after I register with Dubai Careers Fair?

A.We manually craft an email cover that includes your profile highlights, your key career elements and contact details in a way that makes it easy for recruiters to match you with a current or future search assignment before your face to face interview at the Fair.

Q.Why meeting with dubai recruitment agencies work?

A.Recruitment agencies are hired to find eligible candidates just like you. It is therefore up to you to prove to them that you are a perfect fit and for that reason, they too are on a hunt for candidates who will fit their client’s requirements. If your CV fits with a current or future opening, you get hired, and they get paid. It’s simple.

Q.What kind of responses can I expect when I reach out recruitment agencies?

A.Recruiters who have current search assignments that match your qualifications and requirements might contact you via email or phone. Many of these recruiters and consultants will retain your CV in their database and contact you when an assignment that matches your criteria arises. With this process, you get to build a rapport with a good number of recruiters and build a relationship that helps you in your career growth.


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